Why The Focus on India?

India is one of the world’s most dynamic, fast paced and quickly-developing technology markets. As one of the most important trading partners for NSW, the Government has prioritised India as a market to engage with more strongly in the technology sector.

A cornerstone program in this effort is the 12-month Young Entrepreneur Program. The program seeks to encourage collaboration, learning and business between the NSW and Indian tech sectors.

Through this program we will provide NSW-based entrepreneurs a pathway to access the Indian market, mentoring, business development support as well as guidance in navigating international markets and taking businesses global.

The Indian Market

India is currently experiencing a historic shift in economic growth driven by long-term structural adjustments. This presents a number of opportunities, including:

  • the urbanisation of the world's largest rural population
  • the gradual movement of the informal economy into the formal economy (currently comprising of only 10 per cent of India's workers)
  • the advance of a young demographic (mean age of 27)
  • considerable investment in infrastructure, and
  • the beginnings of an ambitious government program to upskill 400 million Indians

On top of this, India is experiencing massive population growth. By 2025, one-fifth of the world's working age population will be Indian. By 2030 there will be over 850 million internet users in India. By 2035 India's five largest cities will have economies of comparable size to middle income countries today.

What this means is over the next 20 years, a growing India will need more of the things Australia is well placed to provide, including agricultural technologies, innovations in energy markets, health services and efficiencies across the food and water supply chains.

Incomprehensible growth aside, it is the underlying structural and personal complementarities between our economies that set up the case for success. Australia and India have long-standing ties which are underpinned by people-to-people ties and shared values.

An India Economic Strategy: Navigating from Potential to Delivery, A report to the Australian Government by Mr Peter N Varghese AO, July 2018 -